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Tania has built a reputation through her consistent approach to capturing fantastic photographs of children enjoying their time at kinder.  Teachers and parents continuously compliment her on her approach and conduct within the kindergarten setting. She is respectful of all staff and students and fully amenable to all needs and requests. Her enjoyment and enthusiasm for capturing children enjoying their days at kinder shines through in her captured images.

There are no locked in packages, and parents are under no obligation to purchase anything if they don’t wish to. Parents can spend as little, or as much as they like with a broad range of products offered.  Tania is sensitive to all children’s needs and prides herself on gently but effectively getting the best out of all children. Children attend their kindergarten session just like every other day and go about their play, and don’t worry Tania captures them all! The quiet, the exhuberant, the jokers, children with special needs and even the shy ones most effectively! No one misses out. Tania is only too happy to photograph sibling photographs and friendship groups as well, just make a request.  Tania is a great supporter of the local community and has contributed generously to the many local kindergarten and childcare centres across Melbourne. 10% of all photography sales goes directly to the centre.

If you are interested in inquiring about future photography in a kindergarten or childcare centre please don’t hesitate to contact Tania she is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

  Tania Tanti – 0407526698  Email: