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Questions you may have:



I forgot to order my photos. Can I still order them?

Yes. Absolutely. All images are archived for 5 years (maybe even longer)  so please give us a call today.


I have lost my proof sheet can you help me?

Yes give us a call or send us an email we can sort this out for you.


Do you charge an Attendance fee?

No, there is no fee charged to photograph children and supply proofs to parents.


Do you have to buy a package?

No at all. We cater for all budgets. You can just purchase a group photograph for $12.50 or even just a magnet for $8.50. There is something there for every family on every budget. No one will miss out on purchasing a keepsake of their child at the kindergarten.


How long do you keep the photographs?

Photographs are archived for a minimum of 5 years, often longer, so please give us a call and we will be able to help you out.


How quickly do I get my proofs?

You will receive your proofs within a two week time frame. Although often centre’s receive them the very next week!


How long before I get my photos?

All proofs will come with a date of delivery on them. Provided you get your order in on time. You will receive your order just two weeks after the order date closes.  The delivery date is always stated on your order form and proof sheet you receive.



All photo orders placed by the due date are delivered directly to your centre. If ordering online please enter your free shipping code

to waive the shipping cost.

All late orders are subject to a shipping cost stated on the checkout page.


 How many photographs are on the proof sheets?

All parents will receive 10 images of their children on their proofs sheets as well as a group photograph to view.


Do you have a current working with Children’s Check?



Do you have a full police check?



Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. Tania Tanti Photography is covered for $5 million dollars Compliant no: GS00352447